Why Do Cat’s Puff Out Their Fur?

why-do-cats-puff-out-their-furYour feline friends fur can be compared to a pressure gauge which displays their emotional moods. Essentially, the higher your cat’s fur raises, the more pressure your precious feline is feeling…

Fur puffing is one of several natural survival instincts that are designed specifically to ensure your kitty cat looks larger in-front of whatever is threatening them. Make no mistake whatsoever, your cat puffing their fur is a threat response!

It hard not to think that kittens look very cute and comical when they do it! This usually comes when they hear an  unexpected move or sound. Kittens are funny little things and this is a default move, as they do not feel so confident when dealing with unexpected threats.

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Originally posted on 18 Mar 2017 @ 12:00 pm

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