The Joy of Cats

cropped-img_0270The Joy of Cats is another WordPress blog about cats. Each of the following are from the first eight posts back in 2015. Click the bottom link to read the entire posts and see the pictures.


‘The joy of having cats is nearly every time you get on a stationary bike for leg exercises, you end up with arms like Popeye because the cat climbs on you and demands to be petted.’


‘The joy of having cats is while playing with a toy mouse attached by an elastic string they wait for someone to appear in the line of fire.  Then let go and watch as the elastic snaps the mouse into their throat.’


‘The joy of having cats is they trick you into thinking ‘isn’t it cute, they’re eating grass’ then they come into the house and barf all over.’


‘The joy of having cats is that they are fiercely protective of their territory and will snarl and spit at any animal outside the window but if strangers come into the house they run and hide.’


‘The joy of having cats is they hate those pesky house flies as much as you do.’


‘The joy of having cats is when you are feeling down they will force their head under your hand to shift attention to where it should be, on them!’


‘The joy of having cats is watching them frolic around trying to catch butterflies.’


‘The joy of having cats is when having a waffle for breakfast you leave it on the counter to pour a glass of OJ and upon returning you find the cat licking the butter off.’

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Originally posted on 4 Mar 2017 @ 3:48 pm

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