Callie Sophia

Master Journeycat

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Born on 2013 Oct 11.

We got Callie and two of her brothers from an apartment neighbor after they was weened. They were all adopted out. Callie and her brother Daniel Boone went together because they were inseparable. We got a call a couple days later saying that they got out and Callie had been run over and Danny was very upset about it, so we took him back.

After a year, Scott was at the pound on the weekend to feed and water the drop-offs when a cat came up to him. He was fairly sure it was her but we double checked our photos to make sure. it WAS!. There is an undeniable mark: she has an about 2 inch section near the end of her tail that is orange tabby stripe. She also immediately started playing the same way, such as always wanting to get her paws under my dresser.

We believe the people wanted her only and lied, but how Callie travelled the 20 miles to the pound, which was a mile from us, is unknown.

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