Man Opens his Shop to Stray Cats During Brutal Snowstorm

shopWhen the winter months come every year, thousands of animals are left out in the cold around the world. This year, Europe’s freezing cold winter weather was more deadly than usual, making it rougher than ever for stray animals. What they really need is somebody to be kind enough to let them inside where it’s cozy, safe, and warm. One man in Istanbul did just that. When the temperatures got dangerously low in Turkey, he had a warm heart and helped out the local stray kitties in his neighborhood. Sure, he could’ve turned his back on those freezing little creatures like so many others do, but instead, he chose to do something about it.

His name is Selçuk Bayal and he owns a small shop that has a cafe and also sells stationery. He’s a good samaritan who loves donating his time for helping homeless animals in the neighborhood. But, nobody could be ready for how much he helped the stray cats of the neighborhood when temperatures started dropping!

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Originally posted on 28 Feb 2017 @ 12:00 pm

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