Colony Cat Comes to Rescuers Demanding Food and Bosses His Way to Their Shoulder

bosscatA tabby cat showed up in a cat colony for food one day and just kept coming back. He demanded food when rescuers arrived and worked his way into their hearts and their shoulders.

Meet Boss Cat!

It all began when John Sibley, an avid animal rescuer, went to a cat colony to work on a TNR project for the local feral cats. “A friend of mine and I were TNR’ing a feral colony that the caregiver estimated at five (cats) and turned out to be a lot more than five,” Sibley told Love Meow.

“So every week we’d go down to trap and this dude kept showing up – he followed his caregiver around like a dog and was obviously not in any way feral.”

Once the kitty figured out that their truck contained fish, he started watching and waiting for them to arrive. Because of his insatiable love for food, he was able to ease other feral cats’ concerns about the humans and they just followed suit.

“Sometimes we’d use him as ‘bait’ to inspire the other cats to come near a drop trap.” But other times the kitty would repeatedly walk into a trap in order to get more nibbles. “He didn’t care much either way, as long as he was eating.”

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Originally posted on 23 Feb 2017 @ 12:00 pm

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