Carnival – Mardi Gras

halloween-christmas-fancy-dress-cat-party-mask-mardi-gras-masqueradeMardi Gras (French – Fat Tuesday)  is a Carnival festival. And who is better at festivities than cats?

The last day before Lent, when you give up meat, alcohol, cat nip, table scraps, and other treats for about 6 weeks, so you consume as much as possible to last you.


That is why you go crazy the day before – CARNIVAL!

Almost anything goes, as long as it’s legal, though not necessarily moral. Eat, drink, party, sleep. Everything a cat loves to do and wants to do all day and night long.

il_340x270-842670749_rtcgStreet parties are the main activities. During these, masks are usually worn to help you feel anonymous and free to do anything. Of course, cat masks are the in thing.

Originally posted on 26 Feb 2017 @ 10:00 am

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