Timothy Allen

IMG_001211 Mar 2016 – 29 Mar 2017

Tiny Tim is the runt of Missy Elliot’s last litter. He and one other sibling were born tailless like Missy. Alfie has the same tiny tail flap to cover his butt that Missy has, but Tim has no tail at all. This has caused some problems. It also seems to have affected his spine or hips causing him to walk funny. However Missy also walks the same way so he may be fine.

He does have some problems with bowel and bladder control. The vet says it may last his whole life, but he has a lot more control now.

He runs, jumps and plays like any normal cat. He does have a problem keeping his butt clean and tends to leave some stains on people’s clothing and the bed and sofa. Possibly because it’s difficult to contort himself to lick down there.

29 MAR 2017

Timmy just passed away. He was just over a year old. We didn’t really expect him to live more than a few months because of his birth deformities but he made it just over a year.

In that time he was a challenge but we hope he felt happy and loved.

He started having seizures / convulsions last night with vomiting and pooping. Scott got him settled down and cleaned. A few hours later he began again. This time, after settling down, he lasted a couple of hours before passing Over The Rainbow Bridge.

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